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If you have already dealt with the Savannahs and the different branch generations, you know that the prices for the Savannah vary extremely.

If you haven't done so yet, but are interested in what this is all about, you can also read about it under The Savannah Cat section.

The prices, as already mentioned, vary greatly,

here you get an approximate list of the prices for the Savannah of the individual generations, but note that the ranges are larger, since a distinction is made between the Serval and the markings, gender and typical appearance.

In short, the more they conform to the breed standard, the more expensive they are.

It must also be said that breeding animals are much more expensive than pets

F1 6000-20000

F2 4000-16000

F3 2500-6000

F4 1000-3000


F5/6 sbt 1000-5000



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