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Our enclosure

Of course we only want the best for our cats, so we also want to build an enclosure for them. It is also one of the requirements, but even without it you should consider a safe outlet .


Our home

We live in beautiful central Hesse, in a beautiful little village which is 600 m above the water level  . The village is called Eschenburg-Hirzenhain and here everything is still very informal and quiet. In the street where we live there is little traffic and the green areas, which we own, remain green..

Therefore, the enclosures can be enlarged without any problems.

Hirzenhain is close to the 3 country corners of RLP, NRW and HE.

Our outlet

Here we plan to create a paradise for our Savannahs and later also a Serval. The outdoor enclosure will be around 110m², this is connected to an indoor enclosure, which will also have access to the house. So that the cats can cuddle with us whenever they want.

Indoor and outdoor enclosures will be equipped in such a way that the cats will never get bored in our absence, but there will be enough space for running and climbing.

Since we want to build everything formally and legally, we are still waiting for the building permit. The plan is to build the enclosure in spring 2023. 

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