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We are Swenja and Johannes, we are a young couple who have been going through good and bad times for 12 years. 

We've dreamed of a Savannah cat for years.

In 2012 we made the discovery of this breed for the first time. We were blown away.

So we informed ourselves extensively about this breed.  We read about the branch generations, which at first glance seem quite complicated.

But also her nature, the character, the enormous size and the appearance fascinated us and drew us directly under the spell of the Savannahs.

However, we also read about the requirements for keeping and feeding the cats.

The conditions initially stopped our plans for the Savannah. We just didn't have the space.

At that time we were still quite young, so the financial means were limited accordingly.

2020 was the turning point. We now stand on our own two feet, we have a house with a large garden and 2  well-paid jobs.

In July 2022 we finally read up on the topic of Savannah very intensively.

We then looked for a breeder who would help us with the breeding structure.

Our intention was that we had little experience with breeding, but the cats shouldn't be harmed by it.

That's how we met Sabine von Asatira-Savannah, she is a successful breeder of many years who puts the welfare of the cats first.

She invited us to her house and told us a lot about herself, the Savannahs, the serval and about breeding.

As fate would have it, Sabine got F5 kittens a few hours before our visit, from which we got our first kitten.

That was the start of breeding.

We now own 2 Savannahs F5 SBT, they are allowed to live with us, they no longer require any conditions. We are diligently working through the requirements, the enclosure is in the approval phase and we have joined the ECCE with the following  TICARegistration


IMG_7774 - Kopie.JPG
IMG_7761 - Kopie.jpeg

philosophy and mission

In any case, we only want the best for the cats. With the Savannahs and also in general if you want to breed animals, you should do this with a lot of love and sacrifice. Because in today's animal world there is already so much suffering because of the people, because they only want to make profit from the animals. They use the animals as birthing machines and do NOT respond to the animals and their needs. Our cats grow up lovingly with us. They only get high-quality food from us.  Because we want to have healthy, happy and beautiful Savannahs. Of course, this also applies to the future owner. So don't take offense if we ask more questions and more before YOU get a Savannah from us.

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